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Covid Advisory
7th January 2024
Sr. No Event Categories Participants Age Group Cut off
1 Marathon(42.195Km) International(All Foreigners) Men Open(18yrs and above) 40USD 6hrs
Amateur(Indian Professional Athlete) Men & Women Open(18yrs and above)
31-40yrs- Youngistaan
41-50yrs- Veteran
61-+ Sr Citizen
Rs 1900
2 Half Marathon (21.098Km) International(All Foreigners) Women Open(18yrs and above) 40USD 3.30hrs
Amateur(Indian Professional Athlete) Men & Women Open(18yrs and above)
31-40yrs Youngistaan
41-50yrs- Veteran
61+- Sr Citizen
Rs 1600
3 10 Km run Open for all Men & Women 14-30yrs Youngistaan
31-45yrs- Veteran
61- 65yrs
Rs 1100 1.30hrs
4 Timed Run (5 Km) Open for all Men & Women 14-30yrs Youngistaan
31-45yrs- Veteran
61- 65yrs
Rs 750 45 min
5 Heritage Fun Run Open for all Men and Women 12+ Open for all Rs 400

  • Kindly assemble at Polo ground in your respective bays by 4.00 am (Full Marathon) and 4.30am for Half Marathon, 10Km and 5Km respectively.
  • For the full marathon and for all races medical examination will be conducted before issuing bib Nos.
  • The running number BIB is mandatory for participation on the race day. The bib with number must be securely pinned on chest with pins.
  • The bib number contains a chip, so pin the number without any folds or cuts.
  • Participants will take care of their own belongings.
  • Feeding and refreshment points will be set as per IAAF rules and regulations. Weather dependent- extra water points will also be provided.
  • You may carry your refreshments/water at the start. No athlete is allowed to take water from any non- designated points, she/he will be given a first warning and on the second offence shall be disqualified.
  • Medical aid is provided along route, if you feel any discomfort, please stop and seek medical aid.
  • Please ensure to cross the timing mat at the start point and other check points, else your timing will not be recorded and placed.
  • Official timing will be the Chip time and this will determine your final placing.
  • Elite and national runners will line up in front followed by other racers?
  • Please note different races will be flagged off at different timings and their start times shall be recorded, accordingly. Please make sure to know your start time. If any athlete takes off before flag off time of her/his race, she/he will be disqualified. (E.g.If 21.098Km participant takes off along with 42.195 Km participant, they will be disqualified).
  • Your timing will also be recorded at designated check points, if no timing is recorded, you will not be placed. So do ensure you run over the timing mat.
  • Toilets will be provided enroute.
  • Medical aid will be provided at start and finish.
  • All finishers will receive a finisher's medals at the finish line.
  • Your official timing will be available online after two weeks of the race on our official website.
  • Winners in all categories should assemble in front of the stage after the race for the prize distribution ceremony.
  • If there are many competitors in a particular category, male and female races shall be flagged off separately.
  • The Organizer has the right to verify age of participants before, during and after the race. Any exceptions to this must be authorized by the Organizer.
  • Entries will only be processed upon receipt of full payment of entry fee.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to contact and to interview applicants by phone or otherwise for additional information required for matters relating to their applications.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entries for once the entry is accepted if any applicants who provide false information, do not make the required payment, or fail to meet entry requirements as stated in the entry form.
  • Should the event be cancelled due to circumstance beyond the control of the Organizer (including the heavy rain, thunder storm or disaster, public rally), no refund of the entry fee will be made and the Organizer shall have no further responsibility and/or liability thereafter.
  • Running is not a 'free risk' sport and therefore each runner must ensure his/her health condition is fit before participating and during in the race. Each runner shall be responsible with his/her own health/condition. The Organizer shall not be responsible for personal injury or death during or after the race as direct result of gross negligence of the Organizer.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to disallow/ disqualify any person who is known or suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event. Should a runner get injured during the race, on case by case basis as recommended by medical team as appointed by the Organizer to monitor the race, such runner may be treated in hospital as designated by the Organizer with a treatment cost not exceeding the amount agreed by the Organizer and the relevant hospital.
  • Timed Run Categories include: Full Marathon 42.195 Kms, Half Marathon 21.098 Kms, 10.00 Kms. And 5Km. Non Timed Run Categories include: Swacchata Run 5Kms, Pledge Run, Divyang Paralympic Run.
  • All Timed Runners who successfully finish the designated route, in the respective cut off times, will be eligible for Medals. Non Timed runners are eligible only for certificates.
  • Minimum 25 participants per category for prize money eligibility. If sufficient number of participants not available, Organizer reserves the right to merge with next suitable age category.
  • All decisions taken by Vadodara Marathon are final and binding.


  • Water Point and Feeding Point: 2.5km, 5km,11.5km,15km, 21.5km, 25km, 30km, 35,km, 40,km. (Water, Energy drink and Fruits like oranges and bananas) Sponging Points: 7.5km,12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32.5km, 37.5km
  • Toilets: 7.5km,12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32.5km, 37.5km
  • Medical Points: 5km, 11.5km, 15km, 21km (Physiotherapist, Ice pack and fist Aid)
  • Shower: 12.5km and 32.5km
  • Start Line: • Hospital • Clock Room • Toilets • Enclosure for Photography • Banners for Each Bay (Front and Back) • Route Map Display • Chairs for Sr. Citizens
  • Finish Line: • Mini Hospital with at least 4 Bed • Rest Room with Carpet • Prize Distribution Stage • Massage • Physiotherapist 15 • Medal Point • Judges Area (Chairs on Raised Platform)
  • Age on Race Day: The participation in the Vadodara International Marathon is strictly subject to the following age criteria. Please note the Age criteria for the race categories you apply for: Full Marathon - 42.195 Kms – All participating members must be 18 years or older as on 6 Jan 2024. Half Marathon - 21.098 Kms All participating members must be 18 years or older as on 6Jan 2024. For all other race categories: All participating members must be 14 years or older as on 6 Jan 2024. Please Note: All minors (under 18) need consent of parents/guardian; the Consent Form must be submitted along with Registration Form
  • Age Proof & Photo ID Proof: You will need to provide photocopy or scanned copy of a valid govt. issued age proof and photo id proof for completing your registration.
  • Medical Condition: All participating members must be physically fit as approved by a certified medical practitioner. Even though you hold a valid running number BIB, you may not be allowed to participate in the event if any of our marshals or medical personnel feels you are not fit. In such an event you will not be entitled to a refund of your registration fees.
  • Entry & Access: Only registered participants holding a valid running number BIB will be allowed to enter the Event venue and take part in any of the races. Individuals without a valid running number BIB will not be allowed on the course.
  • Parking: There are limited parking spots available on race day and these will be allotted to individuals on a first come first serve basis.
  • BIB Number (Chest Number): The running number BIB is mandatory for your participation on the race day and will have to be personally collected by you at the Marathon Expo, the details of which will be communicated to you by email/SMS. In the event of your inability to collect your running number BIB the same can be collected by your representative. Your representative has to carry your govt. issued photo id along with an authorization letter duly signed by you, authorizing your representative to collect your running number BIB on your behalf. Participants must be wearing the eligible Bib No. to qualify for prizes in respective race categories.
  • Timing: For all timed runs, timing facility is available for all runners participating in the event; it is your responsibility to make sure that you attach the timing chip correctly and to ensure that you follow the route correctly and pass over the timing mats located at strategic locations across the route. Please note that the timing is done electronically and there is a chance that your timing may not get recorded due to a failure in the chip, in such an event the organizers cannot be held responsible. Please note: NO Chip - NO Timing For the Fun Runs No timing facility will be provided.
  • Certificates & Medals: All participants will be issued a certificate online only. Certificates will be available only after 21 days of the event completion. All Timed Runners who successfully finish the designated route, in the respective cut off times, will be eligible for Medals. Non Timed runners are eligible only for certificates.
  • Information & Updates: Information & updates will be sent via email and or SMS, it is your responsibility to provide your email and phone number accurately & legibly, further if you do not receive an email/SMS receipt of your form submission within 72 hours of your submitting your form, it is your responsibility to call the event helpline and ensure that your email ID/Phone Number has been captured accurately.

Postponement or Cancellation of Event:

  • In case of situations outside our control or in case of force majeure, Vadodara Marathon reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event.
  • While all attempts will be made to contact the Team Coordinator, Vadodara Marathon is not liable for the same.
  • In case of postponement of the event, the team is automatically eligible to participate at the later date. Vadodara Marathon will inform the teams of the new date for the event, at the earliest.
  • In case of cancellation of the event, or in case the team cannot participate on the new date of the event, Vadodara Marathon will not give a refund. The team will forfeit the amount paid as Registration fees.

All decisions taken by Vadodara Marathon are final and binding.

For any further information and assistance, please contact :
Pawan Rai:

You can also visit Vadodara Marathon:

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You expressly understand and agree that: In order to run a Vadodara Marathon event runners agree the following disclaimer and to the Terms & Conditions: “I declare I will abide by the age limits set for the event and will abide by the laws and rules of Vadodara Marathon. I declare that I will not compete in the race unless I am medically fit on the day of the race and that, in any event, I will compete at my own risk. I accept that the organisers, sponsors, partners, marshals will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise in consequence of my participation of the event. I also hereby give my permission to Vadodara Marathon to use my name, quotes, video and photographic likeness for marketing and promotional purposes. I also understand that entry fees are non-refundable. I agree to the terms and conditions before I will run any Vadodara Marathon Event.

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