Vadodara Marathon 2018

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Train For The Marathon

Give your body the food and training it needs to run your race and excel at it. Each body is unique, and based on your "Fitness ID" you can choose to follow the Diet and Exercise plan devised by
Dr. Drashti Shah
Physiotherapist with Specialization in Sports and Spine and Certified Nutritionist specially for Vadodara Marathon Runners.

" The word Diet has been used in such a way that it has become Synonym for Less eating to loose weight. Whereas Diet is whatever you are eating presently. Everyones Health and Fitness status, I name it as Fitness ID is different and in a constant state of flux. Following is the Diet for majory 3 varied groups of people who will be running Marathon. Choose your Type and fuel your body to perform the best at the Vadodara Marathon" - Dr. Drashti Shah

Type 1: Novices and Slightly Overweight Individuals
Type 2: Medium/ Thin Built Individuals Who Have Been Gymming/Running/Playing Sports for fortnight and more.
Type 3: Regular Runners and Gymmers.

New to running- Planning to loose weight- Running for fun
Begin Your day with 1 whole lemon with 2 glasses of water. After your daily freshning up: 1 glass fruit juice, 2 almonds, 2 dates. You can make a smoothie with all of above or juice it and eat nuts separately.
Post Run: 1 Bowl of any Pulse variation which is not fried.( 2 small chillas/ chole salad/ desi chana salad/ sprouts/) AND a bowl of Curd. Keep Hydrated with Infused water/ water between breakfast and lunch.
Lunch: 1 Roti made with any flour( keep changing) Very less oil subji/ steamed subji. 2 cups Dal with minimum boiling and No tadka. Big bowl of Salad.
Early afternoon: 1 banana daily and a table spoon of Flax seeds
Early evening: coconut water + chana and jaggery
Exercises Dinner: 2 times per week: soup and mix veg paratha 3 / week : less oil indian subji and 1 paratha 1/ week any pulse subji and 1 parathaor Sev usal without sev 1 / Soup and Salad
Occasssional Gymmers and Runners - Mid Distance Runners
Wake up: Infused water Plus a glass of warm water After your morning routine: 2 dates, 4 soaked almonds, 1 inch Dry coconut , 1 banana
Run/ jog/ walk Post Run: 1 big glass smoothie or juice Doodhi/ cucumber/ spinach with any seasonal fruit and half table spoon Chia Seeds. + 2 eggs or a bowl of variety of pulses Keep Hydrated with Infused water or bif glass of Buttermilk.
Lunch: 2 Rotis 2 bowls of Any type of Dal with minimal boiling 2 cups of Raw salad 2 cups less oil Subji. 1 hr post lunch: 1 table spoon of flax and sesame seeds each with Curds
Befor evening exercises: coconut water with cream/ malai of coconut and kiwi/ 2 slices of pineapple.
Dinner: 1/ 2 Rotis with Pulses and Salad Or Non fried Taco/ Frankie/ burrito with Salas and soup. OR Upma with lots of veges and soup OR.. Puna misal....withnlots of green chuntney, sprouts and salad.
I recommend eating nuts, seeds, Raw Onions Daily. I also recommend to squeeze in A table spoon of soaked or Sprouted Fenugreek seeds/ Methi dana daily and 2 inch Raw Haldi cut in salad or juice daily. All of these will maintain Joint health provide micro nutrients and Lubrication.
Regular Runners and Gymmers
Infused water with 1 Table spoon of Alovera.
PRE RUN :: 1 Banana with NUT OR SEED Milk with 1 Sukhdi/ besan laddu ( made with Ashwagandha, lil Goond)
Post Run: 2 inch Raw Haldi with 2 amlas + Any veg and fruit smoothie with 1 tablespoon Chia seeds. PLUS 2 Whole eggs or Bowl of Pulse/ Hummus/ bean dip.
PRE LUNCH: 1 Big Bowl Greek Yogurt or Home made Yoghurt. With 1 table spoon Sesame seeds and Flax seeds.
Lunch : 2 rotis ( if u r thin built) 2 Bowl of Salads 2 bowls Steamed or less oil subji 2 cups of Dal pani or pulse
Early Aft: coconut water with cream with lemon / kiwi / grapefruit
Early evening : 2 dates 2 figs With roasted chana or makhana. Post workout/ exercise routine: 2 whole eggs Plus Any Dinner Variation from.Below. Pulse subji with salad and grain serving. Or Frankie/ Burrito/ soft Taco/ whole wheat falafel ( nonfried) WITH A BOWL OF SOUP. 1 table spoon soaked Methi dana daily

I run cause I Love Cheesecakes. -Charmi Patel
I run to set myself free -Vrajjj
Cause I love to challenge myself -Pooja
I run because I love the feeling of seeing you target getting nearer with each step! -Nisarg Mehta
I run to challenge myself , I run to test my abilities and that motivates me to complete my goal on time -Jay
I love running because running is the only way to fit body easily. -Dipakkumar Rohit
I RUN because, It makes & Keeps me Refreshing Healthy. -Prakash Jaybhaye
Love my fitness -V. MANI MARAN
To Stay fit stay Awesome -Dhara C. Shah
Running give me feeling of freedom,strength and self believe to do more and achieve more every day.. -Ilesh Parmar
Running gives me fresh start of the day..! -Dhrumin
Love runing -Aftab
For fitness -Rupesh kumar
Because it gives me a sense of accomplishment... -Manan
I run cause i love chalenge myself -Jinal makwana
better health -Dhruv patel
It makes me happy -Nikhil
I love running cause running makes me healthy. -Ninand Gandhi
live young -sagar
I run bcuz I want to explore my hidden strength and I love to challenge my self each and every day for improving my self... -Hiral
Running to me is like being my true self. No worries, No ties, Just run to meet your Inner Soul. -Dhruv Rudani (DHR)
Its a cardio workout which is totally free and keep you fit and healthy -Mrunal Desai
I run for my physical fitness. -Kartik Vora
I run cause it increase my fitness as well as confidence -Kirti Badgujar
Love running -Ravindra Singh
Running is my hobby -Vijay
To keep myself physically and mentally fit without any loss to my pocket. -Jagdish Prasad
I love running because, running keeps body hit and fit. -Rakesh Singh
I run because I CAN. -Bhavin Bhandari
Running kilometres makes me feel powerful. -maisu
I love to push my limits and move ahead of them -Yogendra Makwana
I run to Challenge my self -Bhavesh Shukla
I love running because it gives me the fitness, motivation and self-confidence! allover its the lifestyle one need to embrace. -Ankur Javia
I love running because -Yag Nik
I run because I can -Samrudha
i run because like to compete with wind -Krunali
I run because I feel low if I not run. -Parvesh Sharma
Runninh ia my passion -Pathan nabil khan
Runninh ia my passion -Pathan nabil khan
Because when I run I Sweat! and Sweat is nothing but Fat crying !! :D -Namrata Shah
Running is my passion and I enjoy it. -Mayank Kumar
I love running b’coz run for maintain fitness and gives a good starting day -Ashish kumar
To meet the New Me !!!! -SP Agrawal
It's a lifeline -Rakshak
Running makes me feel healthy -Disha
I run to keep myself fit -Varun jajal
Running gives me positive vibes. -Guru
I love marathon -Geeta yadav
I love marathon -Geeta yadav
I run because its my life -devanshu joshi
Love to run -Kusum
Love to run -Kusum
Running for me is a state with great thoughts. I meditate with my eyes open. Running is something that gives me Great Satisfaction -Siddharth Gautam Tyagi
I run to encourage my daughters to be athletes... -Joeb
My Passion & educate the Peoples For Heath and Social requirements -Yogesh Shirshat
I RUN because, It makes & Keeps me Refreshing Healthy. -kaushik Patel
I RUN because running makes me happy! -Kush Brahmbhatt
Many more problem solving, fit body, freshly, anergy -Arvinddhimar
I run to keep myself energetic and refreshed anytime -Raghuvirsinh Parmar
I run bcoz running is d best way for fitness... -Ashvi Trivedi
I love running -Gaurang rathwa
I run for Vadodara City to shine globally and internationally. -Amit Kumar Dadlani
I Run to be active -Manank Shah
I run because it keeps me physically fit and flexible. -Raveendran M
I run to kick out all my today's frustration, & Recharge myself for tomorrow's beautiful day -- Sanjay Patel
Stay fit feel happy! -RA MURUGAN
I run because I have to prove my body that I can run efficiently at 40 years -Sital Basu
I run de stress myself -Vij
I run de stress myself -Vij
Running is like coffee i'm much nicer after i've had one... -Archit Patel
Fit & Fine Run & Fun Love Running because enjoying real life. -Madhuri Nimje
I Run to keep myself fit and be with my inner soul being passionate about it as A MAD Meticulous Assertive Dedicated to one's self -MitulkumarMehta 21275
I Run to keep myself fit and be with my inner soul being passionate about it as A MAD Meticulous Assertive Dedicated to one's self -MitulkumarMehta 21275
When you know your heart's beating and you can hear it, you know you are living. That is what running is. -Anantraj Tomar
I am running coz I support Smart city and being Barodian I wish to be Smart and give pride to the coming generations -MitulkumarMehta 21275
Its my passion -Shiv
Increase self confidence and achieve the target -Sanatan pujari
It keeps me fit, healthy and boost up to achieve the targets -Ramesh Rai
Running keeps me happy -Sanjay Kalsi
I love running because running is the only way to fit body easily. -Darshil shimpi
I like to run to feel the cold breeze -Harshit Rathore
Because I think about my physical fitness -Dhruv
It gives me inner peace.. -Abhinav Verma
To develop stamina and fitness -Heena patel
Vadodara International Marathon has always given me that ice breaking. When I ran a 15K in 2016, I told to myself that this would be my last run...In a bit to bring more fitness, I started training myself and around December 2016, I felt that I must give a logical conclusion to my daily workout. 21K ( The Half Marathon ) at VIML was the result. I never imagined I could run a half... and now it's become my favourite distance. Finding that well of extra energy and sprinting to the finish, though, is such an incredible rush. I love it! And that's part of what keeps me coming back for more -RAMA SUBBARAO
I love running because it excites me that I can run distances I even don't know. It unleashes hidden potentials inside myself!!! -Binit Patel

1. Run streak

This is a classic runner challenge where one makes sure to get in a run every single day. Many runners set a minimum distance or amount of time to run each day. For example: a run less than 4K may not count for some runners. While it may not be advisable to do a run streak for an extended period of time, a three-week or month-long challenge should be safe for most so long as the runner includes easy runs, low mileage days and doesn’t increase their run distances by unrealistic amounts.

2. Daily ab workout

The idea around this one is straightforward: do an ab circuit workout each day. Like the run streak, the length and intensity should vary. Runners who take a stab at this challenge should vary up the exercises so as to target different core muscle groups.

3. New weekly workout

Maybe once a week, you change things up a little. Don’t let your body get used to a routine, variation is key. Say each Saturday of the month you head to the gym with a partner and see how you do in the yoga or pilates sessions. Or, get ready for summer and make a splash in the pool.

4. Morning goals

Perhaps it’s not so much about what you do for fitness as it is about when you do it. Set that alarm clock a little earlier and vow to not hit snooze. There’s an argument out there that it takes 21 days to form a habit. If that holds true, you’ll be an early bird within a month.

5. Train for the Vadodara Marathon

Start at you’re your pace, choose your own race and train accordingly. Need advice of help in training you may contact us, and join the plethora of enthusiasts who regularly train for the various races.

6. Plank it out

Ah, the plank challenge! The premise of this one is to get into plank position for a few minutes every day. Time it. Then, each day, tack on more time to what you did previously.

7. Reign in the diet

Eat healthier. How many of us have set out to achieve that goal before? Make a point of cutting out a couple of your less healthy go-to indulgences. (Nachos and macaroni, ciao!) Another way to get into this challenge is to purposely add healthier items to the cart, be it an extra package of mixed greens, whole grain cereal or whatever you choose.

8. Declare the coming Months as “Health and Fitness Months”

This challenge is for the true go-getters out there. Mix and match the above suggestions to create healthier overall habits and get set for the race and a healthier version of You!