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Covid Advisory

Covid Advisory

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions, sanctions and/or curfew/lockdown may be in place, or may come to be announced, during the period in which the Virtual Marathon is to take place.

These restrictions may apply to running on the roads and/or in public spaces. It is solely the runner’s responsibility to follow all the government guidelines and regulations, that may be in place at the time.

All participants should comply with guidelines in relation to COVID19 advisory issued by respective union, state and/or local administrations.

It is solely the runner’s responsibility to ensure he/she is in good health and is medically fit to run the distance he/she has registered for. All or any symptoms of ill-health, including but not limited to symptoms of Coronavirus, must be referred to an authorized medical practitioner, and treated accordingly. Any runner, who has recovered from Covid-19, must get the authorization from a medical practitioner, to certify his/her health and fitness before running.

It is solely the runner’s responsibility for wearing/not wearing a mask and taking other required precautions when running, as per the government regulations and medical advisories in place at the time.

VM does not accept or entertain any liabilities arising from accidents/ injuries for any participant owing to his/ her circumstances or conditions under which they are undertaking the virtual run at their chosen location.

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