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Dr. Nagesh Kamat

Full Marathon Pacer – 05:00 Hrs. Bus
Pacing Time - 05:00 Hrs.

Full Marathon Personal best Time :- 04:12 Hrs. in Stan Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017.

Join me to finish the 42.2 kms Vadodara’s first ever Full Marathon. Though it is going to be a tough challenge to run a Full marathon, join me for the 5 hour bus, as I will try to help you do the job. Without practice nothing is possible, so a last minute entry would not be advisable. So, if you have a reasonable base of running, and if you put in the last couple of months, join me to finish your first full marathon within targeted time. I will try to motivate you with whatever little experience I have, and run hard to finish this in time. No particular or intense strategy, but it will be a relatively hot run and the 20 to 35 kms stretch should be hot and long. We will try to maintain same average pace till 35 km and little bit slow down for the remaining kms. See you at the start line and feel free to sms/whatsapp me if you have any queries before the run and for detail running strategy. You can reach me at –
Mobile :- 9925205230
Email :-

Amit Kumar Singh

Half Marathon Pacer– 02:15 Hrs. Bus
Pacing Time - 02:15 Hrs.
HM Personal best Time :- 01:56 hrs.

Started running in the year 2004 with the first edition of SCMM. But it was only for 7km in dream run. Decided to increase the distance and finally did the first HM at SCMM 2006. Since then the running bug has caught up and running is meditation for me. It has helped in connecting me with my spiritual self. Since then have done 10 HM and equal number of FM including Kaveri Trail, Auroville amongst others and a 50k at Bhatti Lakes so far. Started with a timing of 2:28 in first HM and getting to the PB of 1:56. In FM best has been 4:27 at Ahmedabad Sabarmati Marathon. Now it's a passion for life and way to connect with places I visit and make new running friends. Besides, I am also into cycling and trekking. Pacing Strategy : Would be starting slow initially up to 5k, gradually as body gets into gear will pace up to 15k and finally finish strong. You can reach me at -
Mobile :- 8128663100
Email :-

Mukti Shah

Half Marathon Pacer–03:00 Hrs. Bus
Pacing Time :- 03:00 Hrs.
HM Personal best Time :- 2:45 Hrs.

I am CA, working as Finance Manager in R R Kabel Limited. To me running is like meditation and meeting my own self. While I never had great intention to run events, but wanted to be committed to fitness on regular basis, until I met few regular runners including veterans. Also I wanted to strengthen my legs after an outrageous accident damaging right leg calf. I started practising since October 2015 for my first event Vadodara Ultra in November 2015. It was madness to register for a tough trail terrain of 25 kms as first event and finishing 35 mins before the cut-off. As most of runners experiences, I found running very addictive. Thanks to my all Barodian Runner Mates for their constant motivation and I take this proud to call myself a distance runner and determined Finisher for Half Marathons. I wish more and more people to take up running and kill all demons of illness and stress. I am determined to pace determined people who wish to complete their first 21.1 kms run. My pacing strategy is very simple go slow and take as many walk breaks and water breaks at all aid stations. I will ensure no one is left behind me to complete the half marathon distance. No Excuse to Fitness!!!! Happy Running!!! Go Miles With Smiles!!!!
You can contact me at - Email :-

Rakesh Singh Rawat

Half Marathon Pacer–02:45 Hrs. Bus
Pacing Time :- 02:45 Hrs.
HM Personal best Time :- 2:40 Hrs.

I have been a runner since my school days. In school, I used to participate in 100 mtr and 200 mtr races. I took long distance running seriously since 2013. My first official HM was in Sabarmati Marathon, Ahmedabad in the year 2015. Next year in 2016, I did Goa River Marathon and finished my half marathon with shin pain in 2.50 minutes. Last month, I finished another HM at BSafal Ahmedabad in 2.40 minutes. Please join my bus for a joyful journey. My Pace strategy is as follows: First 5 km in 35 mins, 10 km in 1hr 10 mins and 21.1 km within 2 hrs. 45 mins. You can reach me at - Email :-

Sheetal Griglani

Half Marathon Pacer–02:30 Hrs. Bus
Pacing Time :- 02:30 Hrs.
HM Personal best Time :- 2:02 Hrs.

I run with one Motto – “Run forever fun forever”.
My first HM was in 2004 the first SCMM then I took a big break and started again in 2012 and since then I am running. I have run more than 12 Half marathons all over India and one 25 KM trail run and 2 Ultra runs in Baroda, in one of Ultra I ran 62 km and stood 2nd. My PB timing of HM was 2:02 hrs in Sabarmati Half Marathon. I am proud to call myself a marathoner now after finishing my first full marathon in SCMM in 5:01 hrs. this month. I am passionate about running and I constantly encourage and motivate new runners. Apart from running I am a mountaineer too. I have done basic and advance mountaineering course from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering from Uttarkashi and have been part of many trekkin camps…and I truly believe in “DARR KE AAGE JEET HAI” My pacing strategy would be – first half would be in 1:05 hrs with 6:30 pace, will walk on uphill / flyover than resume, slow on the second half with 6:45 pace. You can reach me at - Email :-

Ujjwal Nagar

Half Marathon Pacer– 02:00 Hrs. Bus
Pacing Time :- 02:00 Hrs.
HM Personal best Time :- 01:53 hrs.

Myself, an educator by profession and an adventure & sports Junkie by passion. I am also an avid trekker having done the Everest base camp 18000ft + other treks recently. With 3 HM of under 2:15 min under the belt and the best timing being 1:53:03 at the Daman Wind Half Marathon in Dec 2016. I have also completed the 25km Vadodara Ultra and the super sprint Triathlon in 2016. I have recently completed first Full Marathon at the SCMM 2017. The following will be my pace strategy for the Vadodara International Marathon 2017. "Well Began is half done" My pacing strategy starts well before the run. Practice hard and do the taper. 3 days before the run sleep really well and know that the race will be fun and you will give your best. My target is to complete 11.5 km in the first hour approximately at a pace of 5.25 mins/km. Then the next 30min we go at 6 mins/km covering 5 more kms to complete 16.5 kms in 1:30:00. With the finish line in sight it is as fast or as slow as you like from there to achieve the coveted 2:00:00 or Sub 2 timing" Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Please reach me with your details if you want to tag along.
Mobile :- 9099540555
Email :-