Vadodara Marathon 2020

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  1. Full Marathon-42.195K,Half Marathon- 21.098k & Quarter Marathon- 10.55K for all categories will be flagged off at 5:20 am, 5.25 am & 5.35 am respectively.
  2. You have to assemble at Navlakhi ground in your respective bays by 5.00 am.
  3. For the full marathon and for all races for veterans (55+) a medical examination will be conducted before issuing bib Nos.
  4. The bib nos must be securely pinned on chest with pins.
  5. The bib number contains a chip, so pin the number without any folds or cuts.
  6. Participants will take care of their own belongings.
  7. Feeding and refreshment points will be set as per IAAF rules and regulations. Accordingly to weather extra water points will also be provided.
  8. You can carry your refreshments/water at the start. If any athletes takes refreshments water from any non-designation points, she/he will be first warned and at the second offence disqualified.
  9. Medical aid is provided along route if you feel any discomfort, please stop and seek medical aid.
  10. Please ensure that you cross the timing mat start and at check points else you will not be recorded and placed.
  11. Official timing will be the gun time and your placing’s will be done accordingly.
  12. Elite and national runners will line up in front followed by race.
  13. Different races will be flagged off at different timings and their start time recorded. If any athlete takes off before flag off time of his race, She/he will be disqualified.(E.g .If 21.098Km participant takes off along with 42.195 Km participant, they will be disqualified).
  14. Your timing will also be recorded at designated check points, if no timing is recorded, you will not be placed. Ensure you go over the time format.
  15. Toilets will be provided enroute.
  16. Medical aid will also be provided at start and finish.
  17. All finishers will receive their finisher’s medals at the finish.
  18. You will get your official timing online after two weeks of the race.
  19. Winners in all categories will assemble in front of the stage after the race for prize distribution ceremony.
  20. If there are many competitions in any categories male and female races will be flagged off separately.